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If you run a small to medium size business it’s highly unlikely you can afford to appoint someone to manage your social media activity, especially when tangible ROI appears difficult to achieve. Your only option if you want to have a successful social media presence is to incorporate the task into your current staff’s daily activities. It can be easy to lose a whole day sitting in front of your screen replying to tweets, uploading Facebook and commenting on blogs so it’s vital you utilise all the tools at your disposal to streamline the time you spend within social media. Set aside set periods of the day where you solely dedicate towards social media – be it 20 mins or three sets of 1 hour at a time – and shut off the rest of your work and concentrate on replying to tweets, updating LinkedIn etc.

On top of this have alerts set up when you receive a response on Twitter or Facebook (you can get them sent direct to your email and/or phone) so you can prioritise what needs responding to immediately and what can wait until your next allotted ‘social media’ time. This is where scheduling updates becomes extremely useful. Platforms such as Hootsuite and SocialOomph allow you to schedule your promotional posts to go out throughout the day, even when you are not actually on social media at a given time! This keeps the regularity of your posts consistent whilst ensuring you do not get lost in social media and neglect your other tasks.

Remember – allot time to social media and schedule updates. This allows you to manage a successful social media campaign and business at the same time.

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