Google Analytics: See Your Website From Your Users Eyes

You’ve got your Twitter profile linking back to your website, your email newsletter going out monthly and your PPC campaign setup to aggressively push online traffic your way. That’s great…but how do you know how well each facet is working? Which page on your website are your users reacting to and which ones are causing them to leave your site? Are users who arrive to your site from Facebook more likely to contact you than people who have found your site through organise Google listings? You’ve taken the time (and money) to be active on a variety of different marketing channels – don’t let this go to waste!

Analytics programmes such as Google Analytics afford you the knowledge of what your users do on your website. Amongst others, metrics include:

· Average time spent on pages

This affords you the insight into which pages work to engage your users. This can help with your messaging both on the site and on your variety of marketing outputs.

· Bounce rate

Knowing what percentage of users leave your page straight away without staying on your site helps you gain the knowledge as to which pages on your website are performing well and being responded to by your users. Knowing this will inform you of which page is best suited to be linked to from your marketing channels.

· Referring sites

Which sites are drawing in the most traffic to your website? Knowing that one referral site is working better than another (e.g. Twitter working better than PPC) will allow you to cut spending and resources on inefficient lead generation tools and put more effort into those platforms that are proved converters.

Ensure that your marketing efforts prove useful in the long-term as well as the short-term. See your website through your user’s eyes with analytics.

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