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If you are new to this site or haven’t seen this acronym before, no doubt you will be wondering what AMP is? It is basically an open source project designed to improve the speed and access to website pages using mobile devices. ClearCut Web Solutions Ltd wrote an article on this several months back. The bottom line is that more and more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet and Google wants to support these users using AMP so that they have an improved experience. Google are providing more and more guidance on how to develop your site using AMP. The good news is that if you are using an open source content management system like WordPress then getting started can be as easy as downloading and installing a plugin.

Plugin your AMP and get going…

Talk to your website designer to find out what platform your website is based on. If your site has been built and customised in WordPress, your website designer can get cracking with AMP relatively quickly. If on the other hand your site has been built using custom HTML or has been built from scratch it will take a lot more time and work. Either way you are doing well if you get the ball rolling…

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