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Have you ever sat an IQ test? They are very popular online. In this article we would like to encourage you to think about a different kind of intelligence like QI or ‘quality indicators.’ This is in relation to the quality of content on your website. You may have read a previous article on the importance of quality content on your website (insert link here). The next most logical question is how do I know that this content is high quality or not? The easy answer is ‘would you read it and would it genuinely be helpful to you or entertain you?’ So put simply quality content is the sort of content that addresses important and essential questions that your target audience may be asking. If they are asking those questions and you are writing the answers, then they will more likely be directed to your website by Google.

Quality is catching!

If you are able to write high quality content like this, then other websites will not re-invent the wheel but they will refer their visitors to your website to get the answers directly. This means that other sites are linking to your site. The more websites that link to your site, the more Google will consider your site offers high quality and meaningful content to searchers. These inbound links will help boost your website’s importance in the eyes of Google. You can think of these inbound links as a sort of recommendation of your website to other searchers. So that’s the nuts and bolts of quality content. The question you are left with is who will write it? Possibly you yes, if you have the time! The solution that many businesses favour is working with their web developer and/or copy writer to develop the ideas and then produce the content. If you haven’t thought of this before, it is worth talking to your web developer about how to get started. 

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