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Having a social media presence is engaging, pushing out regular email marketing campaigns is good practice and using PPC to push people to your website is powerful. However to fully unlock the affect all of these marketing outlets can have you need to integrate in a cohesive marketing campaign.

Before the (ongoing) digital revolution your business could get away with sending out leaflets and sitting by the phone waiting for customers to roll in. You can’t just do this anymore in business. To successfully attract customers in modern day marketing you need to integrate all facets of digital techniques and platforms. Social media, email marketing, PPC, SEO and banner advertising are all powerful ways of connecting with your audience when used in isolation, but to unlock their true potential for your business you need to integrate them all together.

Having a Twitter presence that will be active to coincide with the specific dates your email marketing campaign is sent allows both techniques the chance to succeed. A PPC campaign that supports a newspaper ad enables your business to gain maximum exposure across a broad range of potential customer bases. Combining all marketing outputs puts your business in the driving position to capitalise on your market position.

Whilst time and resource constraints may seem to make it impossible to keep up presences on all of these marketing outputs, but the pressure can be taken off by outsourcing some of these outlets to people with specific expertise in making your company work online. Here at ClearCut Web Solutions we have extensive experience in all digital marketing techniques, so call 0808 1084913 to see how we can help you.

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