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Facebook, as they like to frequently do, have made dramatic changes recently to both the aesthetics and functionality to both user profiles and brand ‘Pages’. They’ve done what they usually do and have drip-fed the change over a period of weeks to minimise the inevitable user backlash that ensues any dramatic change to the world’s most popular social site. But as of 1 st April you will be forced to change and so will your business.

What does this actually mean for your business page? Here are some of the key features of the new Facebook Timeline:

Default landing page

Unlike with the old format you can no longer divert people to a landing page of your choice – by default you will land on the timeline wall


Instead of the sidebar panel, tabs now feature at the top of the page. They’re much more customisable allowing designers to brand pages to much closer align with other marketing collateral.

Front page image

A big visual change to the new page is a giant banner image (851 x 315 pixels) dominating the top of the timeline

The timeline itself

The major difference is the timeline itself, allowing you to ‘milestone’ points in your company history as well as trace back important updates.

After the initial period of acclimatisation, Facebook Timeline appears to be beneficial for brands looking to engage with their users in more innovative and customisable ways.

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