Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Advertising Comparison

Being on social media is a great way of engaging with your customers and encouraging customer loyalty and advocacy. Equally an active PPC campaign on Google is a great way to drive relevant traffic to your site. But did you know you can actually combine the two and advertise on social sites?

Facebook and LinkedIn advertising are well established platforms offering the user to advertise to users of the sites. More recently Twitter has seen this as a route to monetising their highly successful (and large) user base. But what does each one offer and what are the differences between them? Here is a brief rundown of what to expect on each platform:


If you are a regular Facebook user you will be familiar with the adverts that appear to the right hand side of your wall, profile or group page. Each advert that you see will have been targeted to a user-profile specification that you fit. Facebook advertising offers precise targeting by geography, age range and subject (groups), meaning the users who click your adverts are likely to be relevant potential customers. CTR (click-through-rate) is weaker than Google, but this is comparable to all social advertising models.


Similar in appearance to Facebook adverts, LinkedIn’s CPC and CPM models require you to provide a picture accompanying limited text (although there is a cheaper ‘marquee’ advert with just text). Whereas Facebook is highly targeted, LinkedIn is even more so with the ability to have your adverts shown to people with specific job roles and in specific industries. However the cost is much higher, with CPC’s of $50 possible, in comparison to £0.25-£1.00 for Facebook Ads.


Twitter is the newest kid on the block for social advertising but it offers a variety of models. You can choose to either pay for a promoted tweet to be shown to a specified demographic and geographic user base, a promoted hashtag to appear at the top of the ‘trending’ table or for a company profile to be promoted. Depending on the regularity you commit to however, minimum spend of $15,000 is generally required.

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