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Facebook is an incredible opportunity to build relationships with customers and reach out with helpful advice and guidance. These days, building credibility is what marketing is all about – the world of shameless self-promotion is being pushed to the back of the cupboard.

Twitter, as we’ve mentioned, is incredibly valuable for creating direct contact over 140 characters, but Facebook gives you the chance to offer even more. With regular involvement with your Facebook page, you can create a useful resource, an involved fanbase and a lot of potential custom.
As with building credibility in any arena, expect your social networking to take time. This is a marathon, not a sprint. You don’t want to get the ‘fly-by-night’ reputation gained by anyone who wants results NOW and isn’t willing to let credibility mature or brew. Building your reputation and credibility can also be considered as a rewarding, educational experience: enjoy developing your niche and educating yourself about areas of your business that you may not have had chance to consider before.
Facebook, along with all social networking portals, also offers a chance for free advertising, created simply by stepping up and being there, as well as the chance to place paid-for adverts that will reach tartgeted audiences, based on Facebook’s astonishing amount of information.
While many of us have personal Facebook pages, it’s wise – as with anything in life – to keep business and pleasure separate. So in this series we’ll guide you through setting up a Facebook fanpage (not a new profile!), how to make the most out of Facebook as a small business and how to connect your Facebook and Twitter to keep the – all-important – time you spend social networking effective.

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