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You now have the bare bones of your Facebook fanpage. You may notice across the top of the page that there is a notice telling you that you’re ‘unpublished’, which means no-one can see your page yet. This is a good thing; think of it as the covers over the windows as you organize your shop – you don’t want everyone looking in when you’re not ready.

Keep your page ‘unpublished’ until you’re happy with how it looks. You may want to have a designer build you some apps, or bring your Facebook page more in line with your own brand before you allow the rest of the world in.

While you are unpublished, you can gather a team. You may want to have a designer to keep the page looking current and dynamic; you might want a writer or member of staff take on the role of being your business’s voice; you might want a team of customer service reps ready to reach out and get in touch with your fans directly.

Whether you’re published or unpublished, you can give your team members ‘admin’ roles, so they can be involved in setting up. To give someone an ‘admin’ role, simply click on ‘edit page’ option and select ‘manage admins’ from the menu on the left-hand side. Type in your team members’ names one at a time and select ‘make admin’ next to their names. As admins, each person can work on the fan page from his or her own Facebook account.

Take time getting your page ready for the public. Don’t feel you have to launch it immediately, and if, at any point, you want to make your page invisible, simply ‘unpublish’ it and it will be hidden from anyone who isn’t an admin.

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