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Having a blog on your website is a very positive step forward for your business in many different ways. It allows your customers to see that your business is up-to-date and regularly provides new and refreshing content. It also demonstrates these qualities to Google (and other search engines), enabling them to recognise and rank your site accordingly. But are you really utilising Google’s preference for regular ‘latest news’ style content? Have you actually considered the level of effect having a blog can have on your SEO strategy and search engine placement?

When you wrote your website copy you (hopefully) had a list of key phrases that you wanted Google to rank you for and implemented these into it. Well, a blog is part of your website…therefore it is part of your website copy…therefore it needs to include those key word phrases too! A common mistake people make is omitting the techniques they use for SEO on all their other pages on their website from their blog. Sure it’s good to be seen as industry leaders with interesting and insightful blog articles, but why not combine this by shooting your website’s ranking on influential search engines? Include keyword phrases, back link to influential online sites and write H1, H2 and meta tags along with meta descriptions for each article.

Google will respond extremely favourably to websites that have both regular and relevant content – your blog is the perfect platform to achieve this in.

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