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A brand identity has a lifecycle, like everything else in business. Your website may be new and fresh for a 3 year period, your logo and service offering may last a bit longer than that. But at some point you are going to need to refresh your brand to adapt to market requirements and industry trends. A common mistake is to wipe the slate clean and start again. Do not dismiss all the elements of your brand!

When you originally created your brand there would have been a thought process behind the colours, typeface, copy etc, even if you were not consciously aware of it. Similarly you will have selected your service/product offering for a reason. Over time you would have added to these bit-by-bit, which may give a slightly inconsistent brand representation. But don’t forget, you did all this things for a reason.

Some of what you did will be good, it will be fresh and it will be worth keeping. Build your new brand on these elements, don’t throw them away! The good bits of your existing brand should form the foundation of what your new brand identity looks like. If your colour palette still reflects who you are, keep it and build on it. If elements of your logo speak more loudly to you than others, keep them and lose the rest.

Sometimes revolution is needed. But more often than not with brand refreshes, it’s a case of progressive evolution.

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