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When you are looking to revive a waning brand or to take a new product into market, you will be looking to formulate an integrated marketing strategy. Its 2012, so you will want that strategy to be online and to be a cohesive digital plan. But it’s important to not neglect design in your digital marketing.

Often thought of as two separate entities, digital marketing and digital design go hand-in-hand in reaching your target audience. Whilst two very different skill sets, design works to market your business and marketing works to design your brand…they are one in the same, and work best when incorporated together.

If you are collating an emarketing blast to your current customers, it will work better with unique and visually impactful design. Looking to open a Facebook page for your company? Design a bespoke gateway page to get people on to your Facebook wall. Everything that you are taking to market needs to be on brand and to match the design of your current collateral.

If your website has a certain style yet you are looking to tap into a new audience group, you need the input of an experienced design team to highlight how it can both match but differentiate. A full service agency, such as ClearCut Web Solutions, work to fuse the two areas of design and marketing to take your business to the next level.

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