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If you’re thinking about having your website re-designed, you need to consider the impact this is going to have on all of the other elements associated with your business, both online and offline. Your new styling (let alone logo) needs to be transferred to all your printed literature, email campaigns, social accounts and much more. A strong brand identity is key, but remember; you need to design differently for the different platforms upon which your brand is present.

Flexibility in design is imperative. The manner in which your design flows, the style of its composition, its colour and the styling of its elements need to work the same on a website as they do on a leaflet. But aside from the adaptable nature of the design features, the designer themselves need to be aware of the platform they are designing them for. A navigation bar for your website may not be suitable for a 5 page micro site. The image type that sits perfectly in the top corner of your service page may not re-scale for a Twitter background.

As a designer, you need ensure you take every aspect of what you are designing for into account. That includes the target audience, screen resolution and device. What should not be neglected is the platform in which it will be displayed.

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