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Creating your website probably took enough effort and/or money, so the thought of having to shell it all out again to have a mobile version probably doesn’t initially appeal! But what are the reasons for having a mobile version of your website compared to simply allowing access on mobile devices to your standard site?

Estimations and statistics vary, but it is widely accepted that roughly 30% of all internet usage is now from mobile devices. This makes it clear that you need to have a strategy in place to allow users to visit your website when they are on-the-go. If you simply left your website in its current state without any level of mobile optimisation then this would probably not drastically damage the amount of visitors from a mobile device your site gets, but it will determine how long they spend on there! It’s very well demonstrating high levels of mobile traffic but not if they find it so difficult to navigate and read your site on a mobile device they leave it straight away!

There are some small fixes you can make to your website to make it mobile optimised (reduce page width, minimise the level of detail in graphics etc), which will be a more cost effective way of making your site mobile accessible. However if you want to fully take advantage of the 30% of internet users who are on mobile devices the best way to do this is to create a mobile alternative to your basic website. It’s not as daunting as it sounds; it requires a re-skin of your current site and the stripping down of its elements. Flexible design and fluid content allow for easy scanning on a mobile device, increasing the sales opportunities you will get from mobile internet users.

Creating a mobile version of your site not only makes sense, it makes business sense.

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