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It’s highly likely that you market your business through a wide variety of methods (if you don’t, you should do!) such as email marketing, social media, printed literature, PPC etc. However what is less likely is that you match the design across all of these outputs to that of your website.

As discussed in previous blogs, your website is a great place to define your brand and once you have done this it is imperative you keep it consistent in all of your marketing activity. There is no point having a slick corporate website if your eDM’s are presented in a youthful and playful style – you are confusing your demographic audience. Use the web design phase to truly establish your brand and then push this design out in everything you do.

Designers often talk about having transferable logos and transferable templates. What this means is a logo or template that is strong on its own but also when removed from the rest of the content. Having a transferable brand design makes the formation of marketing collateral far simpler and much more consistent, giving you the option to change colour seamlessly from design to design yet maintaining brand consistency. This allows you to reach out with different messages for different occasions to different people but maintain the same brand and design recognition. You have to let your audience recognise who you are instantly and this becomes impossible to achieve if you are sending out confusing messages in your marketing.

Keep it simple and keep it consistent and you will soon have established an identifiable brand design.

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