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Whether you are active on social media, have a passing interest in it or avoid placing your company on it, the content you create for your website, printed literature and any other marketing material is created to be seen by as many people as possible. This principle is ever more important with the increased access people have to a variety of social communicative channels.

Twitter and similar social platforms have made the desire for content delivery to be both regular and instant. People want to hear from you quickly, often and in short snippets. This transfers beyond social communication and is reflective of customer expectations of your website and all other digital output. When writing your web copy or marketing material you need to take into account ways in which it can be made easily shareable – if you make it easy for people to share with others information relating to your business, the likelihood it will be seen by your relevant target market increases.

The most obvious objective you need to achieve to enable the sharing of your content is to include social sharing buttons alongside all relevant articles/pages/marketing outputs. Having a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS and other buttons that enable users to re-post your content with one simple click of the mouse removes the amount of effort involved for somebody to act upon what you are saying. Alongside this it is widely accepted that visual content, such as photos and videos, are much more likely to be shared than text, so be sure to regular include/upload a high percentage of visual content.

Try to get your best content in front of as many relevant users as possible. Make your content shareable.

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