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Step 1 – What is your users end destination?

A user journey is the route you wish your customers to take online and ends on the page where you want them to take action. Whether you want them to call you, buy a product/service or follow you on Twitter, there will be an end result of the journey you want from your consumers. This is the place to start the process with and then work backwards from.

Step 2 – What information do they need to contact/buy from you?

However it is not as easy as simply sending your users to this page. Our analytical experience shows that a user very rarely has enough information to complete your call-to-action immediately and will leave your website if this is where your PPC advert, eDM or Social Media callout has directed them to. You need to provide proof of what you have stated in your advert/broadcast. For example, if your PPC advert proclaims you provide ‘Beautiful Family Portraits’ then send them to your portfolio page to prove this.

Step 3 – How do you get your user from the landing page to end destination?

Everything you have learnt about SEO and web design is applicable to not only get your website up Google’s rankings but also to direct your customer around your website. Once your user has landed on your photography portfolio the copy on this page needs to be optimised to direct them to your ‘call-to-action page’. Equally a clear means of getting there needs to be evident in your web design.

To make the online space work for you then the completion of the above 3 steps is imperative allowing you to successfully send your users on the journey YOU want them to go on.

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