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The ROI of social media is the constant headache for any marketer trying to convince a business to take the plunge and dedicate time and resources to it. How can posting tweets, updating Facebook and putting statuses on LinkedIn actually bring in an upturn in revenue?! Rather than asking how much business you might win on social media, let’s reverse the question and ask: how much business might you be losing by not being on social media?

It’s true to say that it is difficult to directly convert social media users into active leads, and then even harder to turn them into clients. Social media is far more about the long game of relationship building and lead nurturing, so it’s unrealistic to expect a flood of new business to immediately fall on your lap. But when that client you spoke to 4 months ago about a subject that, at the time, seemed irrelevant is on the lookout for a service you offer, you will be at the forefront of their mind.

But play the same scenario out if you weren’t on social media. Instead of them hearing about you and knowing what it is you offer, they will have heard about one of your competitors. So when they are in the market for something your business could fulfil, they will be going to someone else. Can your business afford to be overtaken by its competitors?

Ask yourself; can you afford to not be on social media?

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