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When a designer is approaching any form of design work, be it a micro site build, leaflet template or website wireframe, it is important that they are properly briefed as to the styling expectation.

One of the key differences between design and art is the restrictions placed on design. Whilst giving a designer free reign may seem like a good idea, it provides no guidelines for them as to what they should be aiming for. This will often result in what a designer produces being discarded but without any direction as to why or how it can be improved. That is why before you ask somebody to create anything for your brand you need to have in place clear brand guidelines that highlight the exact specification and expectations of all elements associated with the brand.

Brand guidelines are pivotal in shaping your businesses development, but more importantly your company’s placing within the market. Incorporating all elements to do with the brand enables you to properly establish how you want your company represented. Guidelines on copy, tonality, language, colour scheme and general styling ensure that a designer can go through the whole process ensuring what they create is ‘on brand’.

Brand guidelines can then be taken forward to be used in other areas of the business, such as code of conduct and being exported to partner agencies. They are the stamp of who you are as a company, and are vitally important for all members of staff (but particularly designers!)

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