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There are many reasons to blog regularly: to showcase your companies expertise within your chosen industry, to creatively demonstrate your capabilities or to show your customer base you are up to date with market trends. However to achieve any of these goals you need to make sure people are reading your blog first! This is why SEO should be your primary focus when blogging.

Google ranks websites that has regularly updated content and if you have a ‘latest news’ or ‘blog’ then this is the perfect place to achieve this. But what terms do you actually want Google to recognise for your site? Have you even thought about this? Probably not is the unfortunate answer for most business owners. More than likely you simply write about your industry in a style that comes naturally. This is absolutely the right thing to do, but when you wrote your website you did this AND included the right keywords for Google to find you. Your blog is no different and you should employ the same techniques in each article that you did when your web copy was written. Include the industry terms you want Google to rank you for, have numerous back links and write the meta descriptions, meta tags and H1 tags.

At Clear Cut Web Solutions we like to bring our customers interesting, relevant and regular blog pieces around Web Design, Social Media and SEO because these are the services we provide. So, we make sure we include those words wherever possible! You want your blog to help your website to be found, so give it the best chance of achieving that! Treat your blog like you treat your web site and ensure each article has the right keywords in it.

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