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PPC is a powerful way of both getting customers onto your website and controlling the amount of spend it costs to get them there. Retail businesses, ecommerce stores and online shops all benefit from being able to drive high levels of traffic to their site, but what do you do if your company is B2B focussed?

AdWords can filter via location, device, and network but its demographic targeting is still in its infancy. This can make it very hard for a B2B company to see the worth in spending money on online advertising when they cannot accurately target their messaging to their target market. However, whilst Google AdWords provides the most friendly and intuitive advertising interface, there are other platforms that allow you to more accurately target your prospective audience.

LinkedIn’s advertising model a B2B owner to see real potential in the value of PPC advertising. Whilst CTR (click-through-rate) and CPC (cost-per-click) are not comparable to that of Google AdWords, the ability to more specifically target who sees your adverts ensure that a B2B company can really reap the benefits of a PPC campaign. With the facility to direct your adverts to people in particular industries, in specific groups and with a precise job role, you are able to attract other B2B users. If you were an IT provider to small-medium sized businesses, you are able to draw up a list of potential targets and locate them on LinkedIn. You can then go and advertise in the groups they are active in.

Whilst it is more difficult and more granulated for a B2B owner to utilise PPC, there are platforms available (such as LinkedIn) which make it possible.

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