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You’re probably on LinkedIn and you may have even connected with some influential people in your local area. But are you really getting the most out of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is widely regarded as the social media platform of choice for professionals, a great place to upload your CV and to network with likeminded businesses. But are you getting the most out of LinkedIn?

Most probably you’re not. As Facebook moves more towards the business market LinkedIn are doing the opposite and are progressively opening up their social capabilities. There are now a whole host of functionalities within the site that can really benefit you and your business. Having a company profile page is a great place to start and is somewhere where you can invite your staff and customers alike to join together in a social think tank.

LinkedIn ‘Groups’ afford you the opportunity to share expertise with those people within your industry and a great place to build a reputation as a thought leader in your particular sector. Lead generation opportunities can also be witnessed in the ‘Answers’ section of LinkedIn, with people asking for specific advice that you will be able to answer – you’d be crazy to turn down people demonstrating a willingness to pay for your service!

Start to network on LinkedIn and talk to your contacts on there, engage within the groups you have joined and answer the questions relevant to you. It’s a snowball effect and pretty soon you will start to see the real benefit of taking LinkedIn seriously.

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