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Do testimonials make a difference to your website? Can a testimonial win your customers trust and business? Is it worth asking your current customers for a testimonial? Let’s explore what the true story is when it comes down to testimonials and their influence on websites.

Word of mouth was always considered a great way to get new customers to ring or visit the high street shop. Businesses online agree this concept still works. Word of mouth online is a written testimonial. A genuine testimonial from customers expressing their appreciation for your business instils trust. A customer video testimonial can have an even greater effect and compel the viewer to action.

Research shows that many view a testimonial just the same as if a friend was recommending them. Even a bad review can help you and your business. You will be able to identify your business’s strengths and weaknesses. Weaknesses when identified and used as a trigger for change can really help. Quantity is important. You cannot expect one or two testimonials to do the trick.

Make Time to Request a Testimonial

Testimonials work but how do you ensure that you get them? After all, a word of mouth recommendation usually comes up in casual conversation. Most people are very busy and unless you pursue feedback you won’t get any. You’re going to have to find ways of asking your clients for the feedback.

Don’t hesitate to send customers a prepared testimonial. If you have heard them express gratitude in their own words about your work write it down. Then ask if they are happy with what you have written and would they allow you to use it.

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