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One of the recurring gripes small businesses have about venturing into social media and committing to exposing their company online is the time and resources it takes to manage and upkeep a successful presence. Days can be lost to Twitter and Facebook before you’ve even had a chance to get started with LinkedIn and your blog…and now there’s Google Plus! It can seem like there is simply too much to do in too little time for, quite frankly, limited tangible rewards. Surely therefore it’s impossible to have a successful social media campaign without hiring someone especially for it?

No, it is not impossible. With most other aspects of your business you will likely have a deadline for a piece of work to be finished within, well why should social media be any different? You will be surprised with the amount of content you can create in a small period of time if you concentrate on just your social media marketing and do not try and combine it in between other jobs. Allocate between 30 minutes to 1 hour per day to write tweets, blog content, Facebook posts – whatever social media platforms you want to be active on. You can then schedule these to go out during the day (and night), leaving you time for direct engagement and to answer any messages directed to you. You can make things easier by cutting up content from one social media outlet for use on other platforms – for example, one blog post can form the basis of 20 tweets and 3 Facebook posts.

Social Media does not need to be so time consuming, Whilst there is the general expectation of quick response, having a daily routine will allow you to efficiently and accurately maintain a strong social media presence.

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