A Simple Website is a Good Website!

Here are 5 tips on how to simplify your website and make it more attractive to your users:

1) Put the focus only on the essential aspects

A surprising number of websites fail to do what seems an obvious design necessity – putting the focus of the website on the key elements. If you have a key message and image, make sure they are centred and likewise make sure your key services are prominently displayed.

2) Get rid of everything unnecessary

You will have dormant links, out-dated services and misplaced call to-actions – get rid of them! Again it seems obvious but far too many people have too many unnecessary things on their homepage that it confuses the viewer. Do an audit of exactly what needs to be there and remove everything else.

3) Reduce the number of pages

Define your user journey strategy by cutting down the possible place customers can leave your website. Too many pages means too many opportunities to lose people. Cut down to the 5-15 pages you really need.

4) Get more content above the fold

People’s attention spans are forever declining and this is no more important than it is in website design. If you can’t grab their attention with your content that is above the fold they will not bother looking what is below.

5) Limit your colour palette

Too many colours looks dated. The best websites have a simple 3-5 colour scheme to make sure their brand becomes well established, so keep it simple.

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