5 Ways To Optimise Your PPC Presence

PPC is a great way of reaching your audience. But if your presence is under-performing, how can you optimise it to get  better results? Here are 5 ways:

 1. Separate your campaigns by product or service

Deciding how to separate your PPC campaigns is one of the most crucial elements in optimising your account. Within each campaign you get separate keywords, budgeting and targeting options, so the chances of pinpointing your exact target market are increased if you have separate campaigns for separate products and/or services.

2. Choose the correct keyword match ‘type’

Fundamentally, ‘broad match’ keywords are useful for brand awareness campaigns whilst ‘exact match’ and ‘phrase match’ are better for targeted lead generation. ‘Exact’ and ‘phrase match’ keywords allow you to more succinctly and accurately focus your adverts on your exact target market, whilst ‘broad match’ allow you to reach a larger audience, usually at a lower cost.

3. Use negative keywords

As your campaign progresses, negative keywords allow you to filter out those keyword search terms that are not applicable to your business. With broad match keywords, irrelevant search terms are common so it takes close management to sift out the irrelevancy.

 4. Split campaigns by device and network

You can separate your campaigns by device (laptop, tablet, desktop etc) and network (display, search for partner). This allows you to focus your campaigns by audience type, freeing your message to target them.

 5. Create separate mobile campaigns

Mobile usage is increasingly on the up, so it now deserves its own campaign! Messages on mobile devices need to be shorter and more to the point, so separate your campaigns to allow you to do this.

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