5 Top Tips To Good Web Design

When designing a website it can feel like there are so many elements and facets to consider that you are spinning plates…well you are! You can, however, simplify the key areas to concentrate on under clear categories.

Here are our top 5 tips to good web design:

1.  Colours

It sounds simple and basic, but the importance of the colour palette of your website can not be under estimated. Choose 2 or 3 colours which reflect who you are as a business but also fit within your given industry. Be different, but recognisable.

2. Columns

Whether you are using a rigid grid or are being more flexible with the layout of your site, be sure that you have it established how many columns you are going to include. Make it easy to read and understand – when starting out keep it simple with a 2 or 3 column design.

3. Navigation

Many would argue that the navigation of your site is the most important aspect of it. People need to be able to find what they want within 1 or 2 clicks. Your top nav needs to be clear and categorised well, supplemented with further onsite navigation and deep linking.

4. Multi browser, multi resolution

People will be viewing your site on many different browsers in many different screen resolutions. Make sure you test on all of these before your site goes live.

5. Images

Do not underestimate the power of images. They are a huge visual draw and as such should feature prominently on your site, both as static images and hyperlinks.


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