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First things first – the number of Twitter followers you have is not the most important part of your social media strategy. It is much better to have 30 relevant and interactive followers who are potential clients than 750 irrelevant spam followers. However it is important you have a wide enough reach to make your Twitter account worthwhile.

1) Interact and Engage

There is no better way to get people using Social Media platforms to follow you than entering into the spirit of Social Media. Talk to your followers and search for relevant hashtags to interact with people who are not currently following you.

2) Use Relevant Hashtags

Incorporate the use of geographical and industry based hashtags to widen the reach of the tweets you post to a brand new audience

3)  Post Innovative and Interesting Content

Link through to exciting and up-to-date industry based news to keep your followers interested and for them to gain the belief you are an industry leader

4) Evoke Discussion

Ask questions and get involved in other peoples debates. Don’t be scared to give an opinion as long as it is founded and researched

5)  Build Relationships

If you build a relationship and communicate with one person on Twitter they are more likely to promote you to their followers…who will soon become your followers too!

Remember, it’s not a race to as many followers as possible. It takes time to build an authentic following. But the results are much more positive and it’s a worthwhile exercise – you are more likely to find new customers with genuine followers.

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