5 Stage Approach To Successful Business Social Media

It’s no good, your business can no longer avoid going on to social media. You may be scared of losing control or it may be as simple as not having enough time to regularly update your social presences, but if you’re not on it you may be missing genuine business opportunities.

But you can’t go in blind. Doing social media wrongly is more damaging than not doing it at all. Here is a 5 stage process to ensure your social media presence works for your business:

 1. Listen

Before you do anything on social media, you need to know where you should be and who you should be talking to. Locating relevant online forums and channels as well as influencers is key to making your presence efficient and effective.

 2. Engage

Once you know where your audience are and what they are saying, you can go out and engage with them. Use the results of your listening phase to ensure you are getting the most from your presence.

 3. Monitor

Listening is not a one-off exercise. You need to closely keep tabs on your social media landscape to ensure you are on top of any industry developments.

4. Measure

You need to know what is working for you and what is not. To do this you need to measure how your engagement is being received. How many replies are you getting? How many click-throughs to your website? How many downloads of your content?

5. Optimise

It’s no good monitoring and measuring if you are not going to act upon what you see and hear! Social media is fast moving and constantly evolving. You will need to regularly alter and optimise your approach.

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