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If you want your website to be seen amongst the plethora of online competitors, you need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Below are 5 SEO Tips:

1. Content is still King…

A lot is complicated with SEO, but the simplest thing you can get right is the quality of your content. Make a list of keywords you want your site to be found for and include them in the opening section of your website.

2. …but so is context

Google scans your copy. But it is not only looking for keywords, it is also using its sophisticated algorithm to match them together to ensure sure your copy makes sense. This prohibits keyword stuffing becoming a worthwhile exercise.

3. Update regularly

Search engines will check your site every time it matches a given search term. This means that they are able to determine if there have been any changes since they last scanned it. Regular content updates are a way in which search engines determine a relevant and useful website.

4. Link to navigate

It’s important to get people onto your site, but your navigation should make it easy for people to find their way around it too. Deep linking is a great way for Google to recognise and rank your site.

5. Tag properly

Setting the navigation of your site is a key point for the user-journey but also for SEO. Your meta-tags and H1 tags are pivotal in that. They should reflect the key areas of your business that you want to be found for on each page.


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