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If you are running a business on a low budget you are unlikely to have paid much attention, or money, on how you can get it to the top of search engines. A website will fulfil a role without having a strong presence on Google, but it can achieve much more if it is on the first page.

Here are 5 points to get you started on your SEO efforts:

1. Tag everything

Every page should have title tags, meta tags and image tags. It’s a very quick-win and allows your website to become indexed by Google and other search engines.

2. Meta descriptions

For every page on your site, write Meta Descriptions. It no longer affects page ranking but it does drastically improve your uptake once a user sees you on search engines.

3. Optimise copy

You have to avoid keyword stuffing, but ensure you include some keyword phrases high up in your copy. The first sentence is the most important, then the second, then the third etc. Be sure your copy is optimised.

4. Back link

Getting links back from relevant industry sites indicates to Google that your site is a valuable resource.

5. Deep link

Google will index your site much higher if you have a strategy that has cross links on your own site. Use your navigation and footer to ensure that your user has multiple options of staying on your site for longer.

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