5 Key Aspects To Consider In Web Design

Getting your website ‘right’ is not only difficult thing to achieve but it is also incredibly subjective. What one person feels is eye catching may be garish for someone else. There are, however, certain elements that every website needs to get right, it’s just what is ‘right’ which can be debated…


To many people, the ‘layout’ is the design. The way you order your web page is both aesthetically key but also pivotal to the navigation and user experience, so be sure you have a clean and prioritised layout.


A nav bar used to be standard and ‘one size fits all’. Not anymore. The positioning, size, colour and function of your primary nav bar now all need to be considered and customised. The navigation is the way the user will make their way around your website so pay it close attention (secondary navigation is also key). Make it as easy as possible for your users to navigate around your site.


It goes without saying that the colour of your brand and website is absolutely vital to your customers/users first impression. Look at your competitors, look at your industry and pick a colour that can both help associate your company with your trade but one that differentiates you from your competition.


Your logo is the most exportable emblem of your company. It appears on your literature, your business cards and your website. If you are redesigning your site, make sure it incorporates your logo’s style and colour. If it doesn’t, either your site or logo needs to be looked at again!


Images are eye-catching and descriptive. Not only does an image add to the style of the website they can do what a whole paragraph can in describing your services. Fit images into your layout and give them adequate priority.

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