5 Business Reasons To Use Instagram

Photo sharing on social media is a pivotal way to raise brand awareness for both your business and your social presences. A tweet that contains a photo is 60% more likely to be shared than one that doesn’t.

Instagram has emerged as the leading photo-sharing channel over the past 12months. Here are 4 business reasons to use it:

1. Show your products

Describing your products can only paint half of the picture. Actually using Instagram to share photos of your products is a great way to demonstrate what they are and incentivise people to buy.

2. Show your process

People not only want to see the end result, they want to see the process of how it got there. Photos showing step-by-step how a product or service came to be allows you to demonstrate your thought process and bring your customers closer to you.

3. Demonstrate what your products can do

Once you have the finished product, share photos of what it can actually do. It’s a great way to encourage people to buy from you.

4. Add personality to your business

Businesses can be a bit dry and people will not interact with a ‘dry’ company. There is nothing wrong with photographing every day activity in your office and sharing it with your customers – it adds personality.

5. Introduce employees

Along with everyday occurrences from within the company, use photo-sharing social media to introduce your employees. People by from people, so show them those people!


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