5 Basic Twitter Questions Answered

Who should I follow?

The simple answer is ‘whoever interests you’! Twitter is there to spark conversation and to engage on a level that does no more than interest you on a personal and business level. If you know of people in your industry or influencers within your market visit their website/do a Google search to find their Twitter username and follow them.

Should I broadcast or engage?

All social media purists will tell you to ‘engage’…and they are right. Twitter is there to be a two-way street of conversation and people will quickly be turned off from your account if you simply push sales messages.

However, that is not to say that broadcasts cannot play a part. If you are actively engaging, intertwining some broadcast tweets is fine, as long as they add value to your user. There is nothing wrong with using Twitter for business purposes if you approach it in the right manner and strike the right mix.

What is a retweet?

Seen by many as a ‘badge of honour’, if you receive a ‘retweet’ it means that a user has reposted your tweet to their own followers. Usually when a user finds a tweet of worth they will ‘retweet’ it. If you see ‘RT’ on your timeline, it means that the original tweet is not from that user and they have retweeted it from someone else.

What is a hashtag?

A ‘hashtag’ (denoted by the symbol ‘#’) is a way of hyper linking a specific word or phrase. If you use a hashtag that tag itself can be clicked to open up a stream of tweets that have used the same hashtag. It is a great way to get your message out to people who are not necessarily following your account but instead are interested in the tagged topic.

What does ‘ff’ mean?

‘FF’ stands for ‘follow Friday’ and is a feature that users incorporate every week to suggest accounts that their followers should follow. It is a good idea to suggest accounts of your own to get involved with the whole spirit of Twitter.

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