5 Basic SEO Tips

“You must make sure your web copy is optimised so people can find your site on search engines’…’SEO is a complex procedure that is best left to the professionals’…’SEO takes a great deal of technical expertise’…

These are common phrases heard by business owners looking to ensure that they no longer ignore the impact having an optimised site can have on search engine rankings. They are also all (mostly) true – so how exactly can someone without great knowledge help get their website found by Google and other search engines?

Here are 5 basic tips that ANYONE can implement to help their search engine rankings:

1. Mata Descriptions

Get whoever designed your website to allow you access to the ‘back end’. Enter meta descriptions for every page – it’s one of the first elements Google scans.

2. Tags

Ensure you have written all H1, H2 and meta tags. If you are unsure what they are, ask the person who designed your website.

3. Include keywords

Decide which search terms you want to be found for and include them in your copy.

4. Back link

Go onto forums/groups/other websites and link back to your own site where possible and applicable.

5. Cross link

Ensure that individual pages within your site link to each other – Google likes to see an active navigation on site.

SEO is complex, but it’s not just for experts. Ensure you are doing the basics right and give your site a chance to be found online.

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