4 Advantages Of PPC Marketing

PPC (pay-per-click) marketing/advertising is a great way to achieve exposure for your business and get the right type of people onto your website. With so many different techniques possible for an online marketer, it’s important to understand where PPC fits within an integrated marketing campaign.

Here are 4 advantages of PPC marketing:

1. Control

Unlike some other marketing outlets you are able to entirely control a PPC campaign, from the length of time it is running to the business cost exerted into it. Most PPC models fit around any budget, allowing you to set the price you are willing to pay for each visitor to your site. Whilst there are advantages of paying more, PPC is an affordable and viable option for an SME.

2. Instant Results

Once your advert has been approved it will be shown instantly, meaning that you will immediately start receiving visitors to your site. Whilst a campaign does get more effective with time, this instant exposure makes it more of a ‘quick fix’ than, for instance, SEO.

3. Measurability

With PPC you can measure every aspect of your presence, from the CPC (cost-per-click), ad positioning, daily budget and the times of day when you ad is shown amongst many other variables. This makes optimising your campaign performance entirely bespoke and considerably simpler than other online methods of marketing.

4. Targeted Audience

You can pick the geography, user device, language and (in some cases) demographics of your audience. This enables you to get your adverts in front of your direct audience, making it more likely they will become customers.

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