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Your business is not getting either enough interest and brand awareness online or is not generating the traffic needed to make it successful. You know you have to improve the way in which you market your website…but how? There are many different marketing platforms and techniques but what are they and how do they integrate together? Here are just 3 of the Digital marketing techniques explained:


PPC stands for ‘Pay-Per-Click Advertising’, whereby you pay a certain amount (anything north of £0.01 depending which platform you are using and how competitive you want to be) for every click your specifically placed online advert receives. Most commonly associated with Google’s ‘AdWords’ model, you are able to closely control and monitor the cost associated with driving traffic to your site/micro site. Facebook and LinkedIn have aggressively moved into this space to compete with Google and all 3 should be considered dependent upon your marketing goals.

Email Marketing

The digital version of leaflet dropping relies on the collection, or acquisition, of targeted email addresses being contacted with relevant information about your business. Each email address you send your special offers or business news to will have opted in (or at the very least not opted out) of receiving your information, so you are assured of their interest. It’s a great way to both create and retain customers.

Social Media

No longer the ‘new kid on the block’, social media is now a viable business tool predominantly used to build an audience and develop customer relationships. If you are going to place your business onto social media you need to be sure to do your homework; actively look to engage with your audience rather than direct sell to them. If given the respect it deserves, it can help take your business to the next level.

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