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One of the most repetitive objections from business owners to fully embracing a social media presence is the amount of time and resource it requires for the relatively low visible ROI. Why should money and staff hours be allocated into a medium where there is a much less perceivable monetary return compared to more traditional forms of PR, marketing and sales?

Whilst this is a valid point, and aside from the fact that social media is becoming more and more measureable, the old adage of ‘work smarter, not faster’ has never been more true than in trying to fit social media into a daily routine. You would assign a member of your team 1 hour to distribute leaflets; why not do the same for social media? You would allow your sales team 1 hour to cold call potential leads; why not do the same for social media? The perception that social media can engulf a company and end up taking up whole days worth of time is only true if you treat it different from the other facets of your business output.

A successful social media presence CAN be maintained in 1 hour per day. The first thing that will work towards this being achievable is the use of a social media aggregator, with Hootsuite being the most advanced and simple. This allows you to not only manage your accounts in an easy-to-use dashboard, but it also enables you to schedule tweets for times when you are not concentrating on social media. Next write out a schedule for when you are going to be on social media and what you are going to do in this time. Perhaps between 9.00-9.15am you are going to reply to overnight tweets, then at 11.00-11.15am you are going to write the bulk of your engagement and broadcasts for the day etc. Just like you would with your usual workload, schedule social media into your daily routine.

If you ‘work smart’ and efficiently with social media you will see the benefits of it for your business, without substituting productivity in other areas.

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