3 Ways Facebook Can Work For Your Business

Traditionally it was accepted that the social network for business was LinkedIn, with Facebook being very much for personal use rather than commercial gain. Facebook have been working hard in recent months to correct this assumption and have now positioned the platform to provide key benefits for your company.

Here are 3 ways Facebook can work for your business:

Customer service

If your brand is lucky enough to have a large and/or loyal following, Facebook is an excellent platform to be seen on by your customers. Unlike before social media broke through, companies now have the opportunity to immediately respond to their client base. This is often viewed as being fraught with danger, but when it is interloped with engagement and innovative content Facebook is the perfect place to provide the key service of good customer service.

Community building

If you have ever listened to anybody ‘in the know’ discuss social media, you will be hard pushed to not have avoided the importance of ‘community’. Facebook is the perfect platform to host a community whereby interactive content pushes the customer base closer to companies. Quizzes, polls, videos, photos and other innovative content will engage with your users and help build a community. In the long term this will benefit the ‘loyalty’ phase of the buying cycle.

Lead generation

The common question (and in many cases problem) associated with social media is the perceived lack of ‘ROI’. Tying Facebook gateway and tab pages with a Facebook Ad campaign provides a clear and easily measureable monetary return on social activity. Whilst in isolation a Facebook page may seem a difficult way to generate income from, when used as part of an integrated marketing approach it is a great source of utilising a social audience.

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