3 Tips For Using Twitter For Business

1. Be clear what you are measuring

When you set up any campaign or new venture, you will be clear on exactly what it is you will be judging its success against. A mistake early business adopters of social media made was to not treat it like every other business facet.

The goals may have changed, but the fact there are goals should not. Whether its engagement ratio, Twitter followers or simply brand mentions, you need to be clear on what it is you are going to measure.

2. Don’t be afraid to talk off-topic

Large corporations are shackled by red tape and procedure, but there’s no reason for your SMB to replicate those barriers! There is an expectation from social folk that, even though they understand you are a business, you will at least spread a portion of your Twitter activity to ‘being social’.

But it is more than that; there are business benefits of being social and going off-topic. It may not happen in the first conversation, but by building relationships through conversations that do not initially seem relevant, you may well find yourself a new customer 3, 6 or even 12 months down the line.

3. Use aggregation tools

A major detracting factor for most business owners towards social media use is the time and resources it takes to manage. But there are some excellent free tools which help reduce this risk and increase the productivity of the time spent on social media.

By using an aggregation tool such as ‘Hootsuite’, you can amalgamate your social presences into one dashboard. On top of that, you can schedule tweets to ensure you have a wider coverage spread from your Twitter account.

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