3 Things Your Logo Needs To Be

Your company logo is the front facing facet of your business, forming the first impression of your company to any potential customer. As you grow as a brand, your logo will be shown to more and more people and will become more and more recognised. This is why it needs to accurately portray your company and your market standing.

Here are 3 things that your logo needs to be:

 1. Flexible

Your logo is going to go on the front of your website, on your leaflets, your emails, your business cards and any other business output you have. Its shape, size, structure and definition need to sit as comfortably on your stationary as they do on a billboard. Be sure to design with multiple uses in mind.

2. Reflective

All elements of your brand need to tell the story of who you are as a company. Your logo is the most important element of this. Its colour and its shape need to relate to what your company stands for as well as reflect the personality of its staff.

 3. Clean

Simplicity is the key. Your logo needs to be digestible without cause for participation from the user. Keep the colours to a maximum of 2 or 3 and ensure that it quickly and easily can be identified as being the emblem of your company, representing its name and industry.

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