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Blogging was the original social media channel, it just wasn’t called a ‘blog’. Any piece of company news, PR release or business announcement that is made on your website is a blog. You have something you need to update your customers with – that’s a blog. You have just appointed a new board member – that’s a blog. But why should you blog at all? What are the tangible business benefits of blogging?

Here are 3 reasons your company should have a blog:

1. SEO

This is not new news, but it’s news worth reiterating. Having regularly updated content on your website alerts Google and other search engines that you have an active and useful website. A blog is the best way to achieve this.

Include keywords in each blog to help your site be found for relevant search terms, significantly aiding the copy already on your website.

2. Become thought-leaders

Showing that you know what is going on in your industry shows not only your competitors and peers that you know what you are talking about, more importantly it pushes you to the head of your market in your customers eyes.

Use your blog to impart your knowledge onto your website visitors. Demonstrate that you are at the top of your field and it will help you actually push you there.

3. Lead generation

It’s a myth that social media and blogging cannot be used to attract new customers. Simply by becoming thought leaders and attracting new visitors through authentic search results you are likely to gain new work enquiries.

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