3 Reasons To Blog

Blogging has been around for a long long time – it pre-dates what we now commonly refer to as ‘social media’. In fact you may well already have been blogging without actually realising it. A blog is simply a passage of text written about…well whatever you want! If you’ve uploaded articles, latest news or a press release to your site then that is a ‘blog’.

But why blog? Everybody says you should but what are the actual benefits? Here are 3 reasons to blog:

1. Give your business a personality

The reason ‘blogging’ fits under the umbrella of social media is the personal communication it gives your company. By having staff members’ opinions and views in the public domain your audience are given direct access to the ‘faces’ behind the business. Your customers are able to relate to you and build a rapport with you, ultimately making them more likely to do long term business with you.

2. Demonstrate industry knowledge

Your industry is more than likely to be a competitive market place, swamped with companies also offering what you do. One of the reasons customers will choose to use your service will be if you can demonstrate your industry knowledge. By showing you have in-depth expertise in your given field you are setting yourself apart from your competitors.

3. SEO

A key aspect and advantage of blogging that is often overlooked is the positive effect it can have on the SEO ranking of your site. Search engines such as Google like to see regularly updated content and there is no better or easy way to do this than to regularly blog. Make sure you include keywords in your blog copy and regularly include terminology that you wish to be found for on search engines. So many people don’t, but make sure you keep SEO in mind when blogging.

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