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The first impression an internet user gets of your business is your website, so it has to work. Here are 3 Basic Tips to Great Web Design which can be quickly implemented to ensure your site can convert visitors into customers:

Easy to use navigation

People need to find what they want on your website quickly and easily. You need to have consistent and locatable site-wide navigation and ensure that there is a visible secondary navigation on each page. Make sure each user can work their way around your website at ease.

Carefully pick colour scheme

Do your research by looking at competitor websites and seeing what colours they adopt. This is not to say you need to copy them, but you need to be aware of what your industry is used to and expects. Pick your colour scheme with your customer in mind.

Update links

There is nothing worse than a customer seeing a 404 page! Ensure that all of your links are working and none of them are broken – it’s an indication of an old and out-of-date website and will quickly turn your visitors away.

Whilst there is more to web design than these 3 facets, this is a good starting base in which to launch into a fully functional and appealing website. If your site is navigable, has a relevant colour scheme and all links on it are live then you have started to win the battle of possessing a great website.


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