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Nearly every business has a website. In fact you could say that a website is now an essential requirement for businesses. Website design continues to improve and develop, this is particularly evident as more and more website design tools become available. So, what are the trends in website design that will likely see further development throughout 2018?

Simplicity is key! That doesn’t mean unsophisticated or not state of the art. It means simplicity in the context of user interface and experience. The back end of the website will continue to develop in its complexity but the front end needs to be clear and crisp. Bold and minimal is engaging and quickly communicates your message. However, that doesn’t mean it is boring because it should be supported by creative images and photographs that make use of the advances in monitor displays. High definition displays are becoming the norm, and this allows the web designer to present clear messages punctuated by vibrant colours and images.

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To some extent there will always be a place for stock photographs in website design simply because the catalogue of photographs is so extensive. However, with mobile camera technology developing at such a rapid rate, it is now becoming possible to use your own photographic images. High definition cameras plus extremely clever software that allows you to edit your photographs to a high level, means that many images may be used in your website.

Bold, colourful, and unique images that are fresh, exciting and imaginative are the way forward. Website designers will be delighted to work with you and use your own photos as long as they meet the criteria above. Clearcut Web Solutions are keenly interested in website development trends since this reflects what customers want to see and find appealing. If you have ideas you want to discuss with them, please get in touch.

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