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Being on Twitter is one thing, but actually using it to interact with your audience is quite another! We’ve quickly moved beyond your social audience being accepting of simply updating them of company developments and sales information. They want to see that you’re willing to talk to them and show them something they couldn’t see if they didn’t follow you on Twitter.

But how do you drive engagement whilst maintaining true to your brand guidelines? Sure you want more people  to interact with you, but it needs to be relevant and working towards clear business goals.

Here are 2 tips to drive your Twitter engagement:

 1. Photos

Tweets that include photos are 60% more likely to be shared. With those sort of statistics in mind, your social presence NEEDS to include visual elements.

There is nothing wrong with showing that your brand has a personality, so share photos of ‘behind-the-scenes’ events and quirky staff happenings. Alongside this, share photos of your products/services, intertwining the personal with the business focus.

 2. Connect with influencers

Each industry and market will have their own set of users who can influence and affect your market audience. Spend time researching who they are and what their Twitter presence consists of. Then, follow them and when the situation warrants it engage with them.

Forging relationships with key people within your industry is a timeless networking technique. It still applies to Twitter – locate influencers, engage with them and form relationships.

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